How to ensure your mobile application launch doesn’t fail?

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Any app you build in 2022 will be a launched business – like a rocket; it will either go to space or remain on Earth indefinitely. If you are planning to release your mobile application this year, you must be wondering how to make the launch a success. Experts at mobile app development Virginia Companies suggest having a plan of action before releasing any app on the market. 

We decided to offer you the finest strategies for preventing your app from failing on the AppStore or Google Play after release in this post.


As previously said, each software you create is a startup. And, like every excellent company, it must start with a fantastic concept for resolving your client’s issues. Isn’t it true that no issue = no downloads? This might be prevented if you carefully study and market to your target demographic. Consider which platform your target audience prefers: Android or iOS. Is there a preexisting app that has some of the same functionality as yours? Is an app essential for your company’s idea? Perhaps an AMP website would suffice? After you’ve gathered all of the available responses, put them to the test on your potential users. An MVP (minimal viable product) or simply a Typeform should suffice to learn what your prospective customers think of you.

Find the optimal user persona for your app, a semi-fictional portrayal of a potential user. Try to incorporate as many facts about your target clientele as possible, from their demographic trends to their behavior habits.


The lack of marketing investment by the startup team is the second most common factor for an app’s failure on the AppStore. If this app is brand new to the market (and it is), you’ll need to sell it to your potential customers. Consider which marketing channels you’ll employ, how much money you’re willing to spend on advertising, and where you’re most likely to encounter your target audience. Of course, this bit of wisdom is heavily reliant on the prior one – do your homework on your customers!

Remember that app marketing is a continuous process. Your marketing tactics and procedures will need to be improved regularly. You might promote your most recent app upgrades and new functionality to enhance the user’s experience.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

The most crucial component of a mobile-based enterprise, after the business strategy, is the user experience and app design. Whether you are building an app for an apparel brand or IT consultant companies, you should nail UX and UI elements of app designing. If you have millions of downloads but a high app abandonment rate, you will never have a satisfied group of customers willing to pay for your services. 

This aspect of your job also necessitates a well-designed onboarding procedure. Your app’s desertion rate will only increase if you do not wow your users early with a speedy and ready-to-use design, which means you will lose business.

If you want a solid working app with thousands of pleased clients, you need to spend in UX and test it several times on various focus groups. 

We must emphasize that you must update your program on the market when your program is released on the market. Believe us when we say that even if you review it 2-3 months before release, there will be issues to correct. You’ll want to add new capabilities to accommodate your business to an expanding and evolving market.

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